Yamaha DS2416 digitaalinen miksauskortti (1998)


24-kanavainen digitaalinen miksauskortti PC:lle


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Retro äänikortti/digimikseri

Yamaha DS2416 on Yamaha SW1000:n kylkeen täydellisesti sopiva digitaalinen miksauskortti. 20- bittinen, sisäiset efektit – ei kuluta prosessorin tehoja. Liitetään PC:n  PCI-laajennuspaikkaan, johon tulee 5 V jännite.

Säilytetty asianmukaisesti äänitysstudion varastossa. Irrotettu tietokoneesta 100 % toimivana.

The Yamaha DS2416 is a digital audio interface and mixing system that was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was designed for use with Windows-based computers and offered a range of audio processing and mixing capabilities. Here are some key features and information about the Yamaha DS2416:

  1. Digital Audio Interface: The DS2416 served as a digital audio interface, connecting to a computer via a PCI card. It provided high-quality audio input and output capabilities, allowing users to record and play back audio with low latency.
  2. DSP Processing: One of the standout features of the DS2416 was its built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) capabilities. It included a DSP card that could handle a variety of audio processing tasks, including EQ (equalization), dynamics processing (compression and limiting), and effects such as reverb and delay.
  3. Mixer Control: The DS2416 also included a hardware control surface for mixing. This made it a versatile tool for both recording and live sound applications. Users could control various parameters of their audio mix using physical faders, knobs, and buttons.
  4. Expandability: The DS2416 was designed to be expandable. Users could connect additional Yamaha 01X digital mixers to expand the number of input and output channels and further enhance their mixing capabilities.
  5. Integration with Software: Yamaha provided software drivers and control software that allowed users to integrate the DS2416 seamlessly with their Windows-based audio recording and production software.
  6. Legacy Product: It’s worth noting that the DS2416 is now considered a legacy product, and support for it may be limited, especially on modern operating systems. Newer audio interfaces and mixing solutions have since emerged with more advanced features and better compatibility with current software and hardware.

If you are still using a Yamaha DS2416 or are interested in acquiring one, you may need to search for legacy drivers and software that are compatible with your operating system, as well as any necessary hardware connections and adapters to use it with modern computers. Keep in mind that technology has advanced significantly since the DS2416’s release, and there are now many more powerful and versatile audio interfaces and mixing solutions available on the market.

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